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A Nonprofit's Guide to Creating Your Content Strategy

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 25, 2015 10:00:00 AM / by Matt Jacoby

content-strategyPlain and simple, content strategy is the way your nonprofit tells its story. It’s how you go about creating and publishing information (e.g. blog posts, etc.) on your website or through other related digital media in order to build relationships with your ideal audience. The ultimate goal of a content strategy — trust, loyalty and donations.

A content strategy can and should serve as the foundation for your nonprofit’s communication initiatives. Yet, the investment of time and money in strategy development is a new or foreign concept for many organizations.

Putting a strategy together doesn’t have to be a confusing or daunting task. If you start out with some key information, it will all start to come together in no time at all.


Know what questions to ask

Ask these questions and watch your content strategy start to take shape:

  • What are your objectives? Choose two. (Remember: this is a simple plan to propel you toward action.) 
  • What are your goals? What does success look like 6-12 months from now? Choose two goals.
  • What types of content will you produce? Blogs, podcasts, videos? Tutorials, guides, interviews? Infographics, curated content? Or a combination of everything?
  • How often will you publish your content? Remember: choose quality over quantity but be consistent.
  • How will you promote your content?
  • Where will you be active on social media (hint: where are your people)?
  • How will you capture email addresses?
  • What groups will you target to share your content?


Content in action

So you’ve got a plan in place. What’s next? Keep these tips in mind when put your content to work:

  • Make your content easy to find. Your website should be structured in a way that makes information easy to find. Visitors don’t like hunting for whatever it is they’re seeking.
  • Connect with visitors. Strong content that appeals to your visitors will get them invested in your organization. Once you’ve established a connection, it’s much more likely a visitor will get involved with your nonprofit in some capacity.
  • Compel visitors to take action. The point of your content is to compel your visitors to take some sort of action on your website. Whether that’s making a donation, signing up to volunteer or downloading a report you’ve prepared, your content plays a key role in getting them to act.
  • Always be telling your story. If you are a not-for-profit in any industry, you most likely affect people in a positive way. Whether you need more donations, more referrals, more connections, all you need to do is tell the story of the people you’re impacting. The story of your customers is the story of your organization.  You have something most brands would love to have — a powerful emotional story. All you have to do is tell it.


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Matt Jacoby

Written by Matt Jacoby

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