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How to Get More Music Customers with Greeting Cards

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 21, 2017 10:00:00 AM / by Matt Jacoby

How to Get More Music Customers with Greetings Cards

Of course, we're a big proponent of inbound marketing. Nothing could ever change that! However, sometimes relying on a tried and true traditional method to attract new customers and local musicians can be the best approach. And sometimes, it's possible to put a new spin on an old favorite.


How to Get More Music Customers Using Snail Mail

No matter how much we (and the Internet) try, we just can't seem to shake the snail mail habit. While we're thinking the generations before the Internet are keeping that fad going, sometimes it seems that the younger generations are just as excited to still receive a birthday card, gift or other type of communication via their trusty mailbox.

As humans, there's something still extremely personal and comforting about receiving physical mail, especially when it's for a personal or family-related reason, such as a wedding, anniversary, birthday, Christmas or other holiday. 

However when a business sends us mail, we tend to categorize that type of mail as junk and file it in the trash can. Most businesses are stuck on sending us mail offers, such as free catalogs, credit card offers, upsells, or even mail that looks personal on the outside but screams "awful sales pitch" when opened.

So how can you make your business mail survive the trash can filing?  Simple: by not selling!

Here are a few examples that you can use to connect with consumers in a more human way:


1.) Send out "Welcome to the Neighborhood" Greeting Cards

What better way to establish yourself in your community than to be one of the first businesses to greet newcomers? Someone who has just moved to the neighborhood will appreciate the warm welcome and the soft recommendation for a service or store that they or another family member may need to spend time researching in the next few weeks once their boxes are unpacked. Your gentle nudge will help take some of that stress off their plate as they settle in.

To take advantage of this opportunity, you can find one of the sources in your community that offers lists of new homeowners. Even if you have to pay for the information, it's worth the investment. Sending a friendly card to recent arrivals can bring in customers that will be loyal to your store and products for years to come.


2.) Send out Birthday Greeting Cards

If your store is already keeping a detailed customer profile for future communication intelligence, it makes sense to use the information you have in a subtle way and reference their birth date to send out an annual birthday card. The personalized message and the fact that you "remembered" their birthday can go a long way in making your business feel like part of the family versus just another random vendor.

You can even take a birthday card one step farther by offering a free gift the next time they stop in, either for their next required trip to grab guitar strings or just having them stop by anytime they are in the neighborhood and feel the need to try out that new piano or drum kit in your showroom.


3.) Send out Holiday Greeting Cards

Just like birthday cards, your extended family of customers will appreciate hearing from you and your staff around any holiday, especially major ones like Christmas. The simple fact that you cared enough to put them on your holiday card list will make them feel special and invited when it comes to their next visit. 

Holiday cards can also be a great excuse to offer a small gift or offer in the card, but don't overdo it. You don't want to run the risk of becoming one of those trash filed cards!


4.) Upgrade Your Cards with an Inbound Marketing Twist

As a final note, what would any of the three options previously mentioned be without a hint of digital marketing added to sweeten the deal? 

For any of these cards, consider personalizing them with first and last names, plus a customized website address that can be easily tracked to help you measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

For example, it's possible to include "" on a card to the Smith Family. When they visit, you'll be able to track and see if they engage with your content. If you're lucky, they might even join your mailing list or download a free piece of content from your site, getting their name into your inbound marketing efforts.



Remember that consumers want to interact and communicate with other humans, not businesses. Keep your marketing human and connect on a more personal level. You'll experience an uptick in business and your leads and customers will value your brand even more.

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Written by Matt Jacoby

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