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Free Toothbrush Samples: Are You Attracting Patients with Freebies?

[fa icon="calendar"] May 2, 2017 10:00:00 AM / by Matt Jacoby

Free Toothbrush Samples: Are You Attracting Patients with Freebies?

Who doesn’t love a freebie? It’s definitely a great way to get people in the door. Sure they may feel gimmicky and cheap, but sometimes the easiest ways to market your practice are as easy as adding your logo to several free giveaway items or offering specials to your existing patients.

If you're having some trouble getting the creative juices flowing or finding the inspiration to comfortably implement a free promotion at your practice, we've got your back! 



Meet New Smiles with Free or Discounted Exams or Cleanings

Meet New Smiles with Free or Discounted Exams or Cleanings

I'll be the first to admit I haven't really seen a lot (or any) of free cleaning or exam promotions from dental practices where I've lived, but in today's economy consumers are more and more looking for "free trials" and "try before you buy" type promotions, especially with online services.

For all we know, that mindset could start to transfer to physical services like eye exams and teeth cleanings. To be an innovator in your space, it could be well worth the experiment to try this kind of promotion to see how it resonates with your community.

To take it a step further, you could offer a free or discounted cleaning, exam or more extensive procedure to existing patients who refer new patients via your shiny new referral program (hint, hint).



Make New Friends with Free Toothbrushes

Make New Friends with Free Toothbrushes

This might seem silly, but it’s definitely incentivizing.

People love to get free stuff, and giving them free toothbrush samples with your logo on it is a great way to keep your practice on their mind at least twice a day. (That is, if they’re following their brushing protocol!)

This is particularly effective in elementary schools. Give every student in kindergarten a free toothbrush along with a card that sends parents to a link offering information about regular dental visits as well as a discount on the child’s first visit, and you’re going to grow your practice.

To go beyond just giving out free toothbrushes to kids, you could approach your local school district and see about organizing an official healthy teeth holiday and make an afternoon event out of it at the schools. Of course the kids will love it because they don't have to be in class, but that way you can make learning about oral hygiene a bit more fun while also getting your practice in front of the local community.



Next Steps when offering Freebies

Next Steps

Free toothbrush samples, exams and other free goodies are always a great way to attract new business. They can also be tied into your master dental marketing plan in some way to give them a little more purpose and to potentially measure the impact they have on your bottom line using analytic tools.

However, be sure that you do your research prior to
promoting the offer you select. You don’t want to offer the exact same incentive as every other practice in town. Your advertised specials should be different enough to catch patients’ attention, thus winning their business.

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