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Choosing The Best Social Media Platforms For Your Audience

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how to choose from different social media platforms

Social media has changed the way that we communicate, relate, and even do business. For companies looking to expand or update their social media marketing, getting a handle on this ever-evolving world is intimidating. It can be hard to keep all of those glasses full, particularly when each one requires a slightly different flavor of content. The first step in getting your social media marketing strategy under control is to pick the best platforms for reaching your audience. How do you do that? Consider these factors:

  • Who are your best customers? Think about who you love working with - wouldn’t you love to see more of a few certain types of customers, donors, or volunteers? Use what you know about your best customers to create a few personas. Developing detailed personas is valuable for every type of business, including nonprofits. These personas should guide all of your marketing efforts, including what and where you post on social media. Check out the demographics of the different social media platforms, and focus on those that align with your targets. Remember that these demographics can change - your aunties weren’t on Facebook 10 years ago, were they?
  • Who are you, and what do you do? Does the nature of your business lend itself particularly well to certain social media platforms? If motion truly captures what you do, consider platforms where you can share videos. If your offerings have a creative or how-to component, Pinterest can be profitable. If your events and locations change rapidly, consider platforms with a sense of urgency like Twitter and Snapchat. Side note: Twitter does not generate leads for every business, but it is often worth utilizing for the rich amount of user demographic information that it offers. For example, the data you get from Twitter can be used to fine-tune your boosted posts on Facebook.

Ready to start socializing? Update your personas, pick your platforms, and start posting. Our final piece of advice is to be patient. Consistent social media marketing can take several months to show results, but once it does, you just may find it more effective (and a lot more fun) than traditional marketing efforts. 


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Matt Jacoby

Written by Matt Jacoby

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