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Attract your Nonprofit Marketing Personas through Storytelling

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 23, 2015 10:00:00 AM / by Matt Jacoby

personas-storytellingYour nonprofit organization does a lot of great things for its cause each year.  Give your executive director a big hug (ask permission first)!  It's one thing to share testimonials and simple overviews of your accomplishments on the organization's website, but have you really, truly embraced the full potential of storytelling?

Tell Your Story (Really!)

Don't just say who you are as an organization on your "About Us" page. That's boring!  

Mission and vision statements. The history of the organization. Details about the cause and why your organization is passionate about it.  These are all essential items for any organization to share on their website. They only tell a fraction about your organization's whole story.  Not only should you be passionate about your root cause, you should also be passionate about and share the real world stories that your cause impacts.

  • Did you help a community?  How did you help them and what was the impact?
  • Where did donations from a specific fundraiser go towards?  What was the outcome?
  • Are you building homes?  Share before, during and after photos to engage visitors and donors.
  • Are you finding homes for shelter animals?  Tell the story of families who adopt.


Storytelling via your Marketing Channels

It's ok not to be shy when telling your story.  If you're writing a blog post, don't think you're done when you hit the publish button.  Be sure to continue promoting it via your organization's social media accounts. You can also turn that story into a video and share through video sharing platforms. And while we're at it, use images to convey the story on outlets such as Pinterest or Instagram.

Finally, try and write for your audience using your nonprofit marketing personas. You really want to make a connection between your donors and volunteers with those who are being impacted by your efforts.


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