20 Great Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Music Business

Easy-to-implement and effective marketing methods to grow your music business

While you can sell pianos and teach paradiddles better than anyone in the business, marketing is a different story. You want to meet your new customer visit goals, but you’re not sure how to get more people through the door.

This free tool will give you a great starting point to create your own music business marketing plan, allowing you to reach a new audience in a way that will resonate with them, bringing in new customers that will stick with you for years to come. Ranging from up-to-the-minute techniques involving social media to old-fashioned community connection, this list should have something to offer for everyone.

Highlights include:

  • Create a targeted email campaign
  • Explore Pay Per Click advertising
  • Identify and engage your target audience 
  • Develop a referral incentive program
  • And much more!

Download 20 Great Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Music Business and learn more about the many available options to shake up the way you do marketing.